More than a speakers’ bureau

Lang & Associates offers a full range of event support including: working with conference committee and staff in organization and planning; thematic guidelines for program structure and graphics; and intentionally designed event environments that reflect the purpose of the gathering and enhance short- and long-term learning.

Jackie Boor:  Facilitator, mediator, writer, and civic engagement specialist; offers innovative perspectives to dispute resolution and communication.  Read more

Diane Bush, RN, MPH:  Medical professional, educator, trainer, researcher; provides guidance in the thoughtful design of environments that support health, productivity and balance, maximizing individual and organizational potential.  Read more

Bud Gardner, MA:  Educator, author, speaker, mentor; award winning teacher and developer of one of America's most successful professional writing programs.  Read more

Larry Geller, JD:  Author, speaker, educator, trainer, former Presiding Administrative Law Judge; takes on prejudice in the justice system and in everyday life.  Read more

Kenneth Hawkins: Mediator, author, facilitator, trainer, researcher, and jazz musician; consultant in development of more than 350 conflict resolution programs throughout the United States.  Read more

Cheewa James:  Author, educator, television host and producer; embraces the age-old wisdom of her Native American culture to better address cultural and gender diversity, and develop more effective communication and leadership skills.  Read more

Susan Mazer & Dallas Smith:  Educators, musicians, composers; internationally known pioneers in the use of music as environmental design for healthcare facilities.  Read more

John McDougall, MD:  Physician, author, educator, radio and television personality; empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being through proven principles of nutrition in the prevention and management of physical and mental diseases.  Read more

Ron Reneau, MA, MFCC:  Human resource specialist, counselor, educator, trainer; develops executive leadership, interpersonal relations, planning and intervention skills toward balancing personal and business goals.  Read more

Jeanette Sartain:  Facilitator, mediator, conflict coach, writer, trainer, and educator; provides assistance to people in discovering the tools to achieve their own positive solutions.  Read more

Alan Schwartz, PhD:  Psychotherapist, educator, speaker, trainer, author, triathelete; concentrates on executive burnout, life transitions, and the benefits of cross-training for those 50 and over.  Read more

John Sibbet, RMT, CAP:  Integrative body worker, instructor, trainer; explores the interconnectedness of mental and physical health in achieving and maintaining optimal health.  Read more

Carol Wright:  Facilitator, mediator, conflict coach, trainer and educator; transformation specialist and expert in large group facilitation.  Read more

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