about us

Lang & Associates is a human dynamics consulting firm.

To deal with the dynamics of human behavior is to address the relationship of forces affecting the activity and balance of a person or people. This includes the patterns or processes of activity, change, and growth.

With the abundance of scientifically-based information on how humans best function and thrive, good health, happiness, and consistent productivity does not have to be accidental. It can be designed.

The signature feature of Lang & Associates is the ability to custom design programs and projects tailored to the specific needs of a particular individual, business, community, government, or organization.

Our network of highly accomplished professionals at
Lang & Associates can:

Detailed assessment, consultation, and individualized progress plan.

Separating fact from fiction for informed choices.

Invigorating, practical presentations and workshops.

Handy, easily applied management tools for immediate, lasting change.

Follow-up and evaluation of implemented programs.

Better individual health, greater business success, and heightened personal happiness.