A mission statement is more than a call to action. It is a job description.

Carol Wright

Board Development

Ask several different people what a Board of Directors does, and you will likely receive a different answer from each ranging from “A board raises money,” to “A board creates a vision,” to “A board makes all the important decisions.”  People become board members for a number of reasons. Most often that reason includes a strong interest in the business of the organization and the desire to be of service.

Basic to a board functioning as a cohesive and effective unit, there is a need for individual members to have an understanding of their roles and responsibilities, and for the board as whole to have a plan to satisfy its business, civic, ethical, and fiduciary responsibilities.


  • Board members and executives understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Develop tools to function more effectively
  • Gain the knowledge to prevent and manage negative media
  • Executives understand their role and responsibilities
  • More positive outcomes for stakeholders from an effective organization