John McDougallJohn McDougall, MD

Dr. John McDougall focuses on the prevention and treatment of disease through improved lifestyle. Drawing from his first ten years as a practicing physician and medical science, he developed the McDougall Program which provides the tools for individuals to take charge of their health through diet. He readily shares that a key to the success of the McDougall Program is his wife Mary, who has translated scientific principles into delicious, practical, real-world recipes and meal tips that support health and healthy families. Dr. McDougall’s inspiring style and proven results make him one of the most effective leaders in today's health conscious society.

Physician and Researcher

As a board-certified internist, cared for thousands of patients in nearly three decades of medical practice, and run a highly successful live-in program for over 20 years; founder and medical director of Dr. McDougall’s Health and Program in Santa Rosa, California (since 2002); director, The McDougall Program, St. Helena Health Center, Deer Park, California (1987- 2002); researcher on the effects of diet therapy on breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, reduction in cardiac risk factors, and gastrointestinal diseases.


Numerous best-selling books including The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart, The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss, The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health, McDougall’s Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion, The McDougall Plan, The New McDougall Cookbook, The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss, Dr. McDougall’s Digestive Tune-up; with wife Mary McDougall numerous cookbooks and DVDs: The New McDougall Cookbook, The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook, Dr. McDougall’s Total Health Solution, McDougall’s Medicine: Fighting the Big Fat Lies with Fad-Free Truth, Dr. McDougall Disputes Major Medical Treatments, Dr. McDougall’s Common Sense Nutrition: The Truth About Protein, Soy, and, Fish, Dr. McDougall’s Money-Saving Medical Advice, and McDougall Made Easy & Irresistible; formerly columnist for Vegetarian Times.

Speaker and Educator

Popular keynote speaker; sponsors bi-annual Advanced Study Weekend dedicated to further an understanding of plant-based nutrition and conservative medical care; promotes healthy travel experiences through McDougall Adventures; conducts seminars and workshops for large and small groups; various programs address lifestyle assessment, nutrition education, physical conditioning habits, stress management techniques, family involvement, and health maintenance.

Radio and Television Personality

Former host of national television program, McDougall, M.D., and radio call-in program in California; previously provided television health segment on Lifestyle Magazine; hosted a call-in radio show in Honolulu, Hawaii (1983 to 1988); and has appeared on hundreds of television and radio information programs throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Education and Professional Affiliations

  • Internal Medicine, Residency, University of Hawaii, HI
  • General Surgery, Internship, Queen’s Medical Center, Honolulu, HI
  • M.D., College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, MI
  • B.S., Michigan State University, MI
  • American College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • Certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners
  • Certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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