Cheewa James Cheewa James

Embracing the age-old wisdom of her Native American heritage, Cheewa James blends those principles with contemporary living to better meet the challenges of the 21st Century. An award-winning former news reporter and television anchorwoman, Cheewa’s on-air background serves to enliven and dignify the focus of her business and personal speaking programs. Her intriguing balance of practical application and motivation make her a sought-after keynote speaker and corporate trainer. She is especially known for her work on leadership development, dealing with change, and finding a balanced lifestyle.

Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Keynote and motivational speaker; worked with corporations and organizations across the United States specializing in balance in life and dealing with change; if it is to be, it begins with me is the principle behind all of Cheewa’s presentations recognizing that the self-growth, responsibility and initiative of individuals is what drives an organization; presentations are tailored to the unique challenges and needs of a client; speaking topics include: “Climb off Dead Horses: Mastering Change,” “How to Create a Dynamic Organization,” “Dead Fish Do Not Swim Upstream: How to Motivate Others,” “Leap to Leadership: Principles of Eagles,” Conducts programs to inspire and instruct educators regarding areas such as cultural diversity, instructional techniques, and communication proficiency; sales trainer and marketing strategist; corporate productivity and image instructor; public relations practitioner and communication specialist.


A master storyteller, Cheewa has hundreds of articles in print including those for the Smithsonian, National Wildlife, and Chicago Tribune; books include Modoc: The Tribe that Wouldn’t Die (Naturegraph, 2008) chronicles the Modoc tribal history from ancestral times to the present, and Catch the Whisper in the Wind: Inspirational Stories an Proverbs from Native Americans (Health Communications, 1995).

Television Producer and Host

Former television anchorwoman and reporter in Oregon and recipient of numerous national broadcast awards including seven United Press International Awards and the National Mike Award for Television Production; produced and hosted PBS programs and specials for Sacramento television station KVIE; remains a Sacramento PBS on-air talent.

Education and Professional Affiliations

  • B. A., Communications, Northwest Missouri State University, MO
  • Lifetime Secondary Teaching Credential
  • National Speakers’ Association
  • Public Broadcasting System

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