Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.

Malcolm Forbes

Diversity Training

Have you ever wondered how two people can look at the same situation and describe what they see differently? The two can have similar backgrounds and relationships. Our “filters” or perspectives are formed by many things, including our belief systems and significant life events. Understandably, different perspectives can lead to disharmony, conflict, and even violence.

Workplaces, communities, schools, and homes reflect the diversity of our society. The richness of this diversity can be a resource and an asset.


  • Understand impact of false and accurate assumptions
  • Discern distinctions between cultural tolerance, awareness, acceptance, and inclusion
  • Insight regarding scope of changeable and unchangeable elements of human diversity
  • A how people identify with more than one culture and generally share more common ground than often assumed
  • Increased understanding of the influence of personal bias
  • Identify challenges to building trust, acceptance, and respect for difference as an asset
  • Basic active listening skills and communication techniques
  • Ability to assess and build positive relationships with diverse individuals